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May 2011

->My last brand-new Vpod is for sale at a very special price - $140. The Vpod graphics accelerator podule works with RISC OS 6.14 and later, allowing your RiscPC to drive large, modern monitors.
->No update to the website for a long time... sorry for that, but I've been quite busy with publishing and printing thanks to fantastic OvationPro, Artworks2 and PS3 (postscript3 driver) software, including many new resources for Music teaching.
->Broken RiscPC slice doors that can't stay up look inelegant. I've made a repair kit to fix it - see here.
->The port of RISC OS 5 to new ARM hardware is coming along nicely - see www.riscosopen.org.uk for more details.
->Are you still running RISC OS 3.6 or 3.7? If so then you are now able to buy a CDROM with a softload of 4.02 on it. This means you don't have to fit new ROM chips!
->On the same CDROM above there is a softload version of 4.39 for those that have 4.02
See www.riscos.com
->I have noticed a sharp increase in leaking NiCad backup batteries on RiscPCs. Check your battery now, or your motherboard might be toast soon.
->GutenPrint has been updated and supports even more printers. GutenPrint allows RISC OS to use many, many more printers, with superior quality available.
->I've been working on getting USB devices working on our Unipods. If you've got a USB product that you want to get working on your Unipod or STD USB podule, then email me. See this page too. A work in progress.

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